Father, I give You thanks for 

the life of Your Son Jesus the Christ 

For His precious blood that cleanses us from all sins. 

His broken body offered as sacrifice 

To nourish our souls; the Bread of Life. 

You gave that we may live in Him. 

Let the power of Your might 

Give us strength for the fight  

as we wrestle in the night  

against the powers of darkness. 

Let us in victory battle 

with spiritual forces in high places. 

May we capture every thought 

and bring them to the obedience of Jesus Christ. 

Let every blasphemer 

who uses the precious name of Jesus in vain, 

choke and cough on their own saliva. 

Let every young mother to be who 

are lured into contemplating murder by abortion 

be convicted of the evil of destroying 

the unborn human life in the womb. 

Let their hearts be turn onto their  sons and daughters.  

Let them accept the sacrificing of their own lives 

for the protection and nurturing 

of their children in the womb. 

Let the voice of those who would confuse the youth 

about their sexuality be silent.  

Let every lawmaker be convicted of wrong doing 

as they contemplate legalizing sexually immoral behaviour 

in their nation. 

Convict them of Your word, 

that marriage is between a man and a woman. 

Let them understand 

that all matters done against Your ORDER 

will only bring disorder and confusion, 

harm and eventual destruction. 

Let every saint be reminded 

to feed on Your Daily Bread given to us…. 

YOUR WORD abiding in us. 

Let us be stirred 

according to Your eternal purpose.  

Reconcile many today to You Father 

in Jesus Christ the Lord. 


=====20161002  JLB 0842 

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